Welcome to Moonhenge

Moonhenge was built as a sacred space to connect with nature. It is a wooden equivalent to Stonehenge. It is also dedicated to the spirit of the Sacred Feminine as expressed by the “Goddess” that is celebrated in every spiritual tradition. For some, the Goddess is represented by a deity or sacred woman as in Isis of Egypt, Verunda of Indian, Mama Wati of Africa, or perhaps as seen in the Virgin Mary. For others, she is the experience of an inspirational sister, a loving aunt, an impressive daughter, a beloved wife, a stunning friend, or the amazing mum. For others still, she is simply the beauty of music, love or our shared mother Earth, Gaia.



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Please note that Moonhenge is not open to the public, but is available for visits and events by appointment. If you would like to visit Moonhenge, please contact info@moonhenge.co.uk