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Called to Build a Henge: First Ideas

About 2007, Organic Farmer, Stephen Parsley had an idea to build a henge. A couple of years later, artist Derek Massey had a vision of a henge, of which he painted several versions. Not expecting to build an actual henge, Derek continued his art work, eventually coming up with an idea to honour UK gymnast Lewis Smith. Searching for a location on which to erect the mega artwork, he met Stephen. As the two became friends, they realized their common vision, and decided to collaborate on bringing the henge to life. The project would involve erecting 29 Fen Oak tree, each of which is more than 10,000 years old in the formation of Bog Oak “Stone Henge.” The vision for this Henge celebrating the Sacred Feminine will include 19 Bog Oaks forming an outer circle, 10 Bog Oaks forming an inner circle. Additionally, one Oak will face the north. The project is to provide a sacred place where people can spend time alone and recognise the needs of the earth, as well as gather for sacred ceremony and healing.

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Bless This Land: Moonhenge Earth Blessing

In a Reiki Drumming Mastership case studies session with Yasmin May, Joann Childs shared a dream she’d had about a ring of tall trees, with a fire in the middle and a circle of people. When she read the local paper and saw Derek’s painting of the Moonhenge, she knew that she was called to be involved. Blessing 2Yasmin contacted Stephen, to offer to send Reiki to the ground on which Moonhenge was to built from her Reiki Share Group, so before the logistics for the henge were even complete, Yasmin and Joann discussed having an Earth Blessing ceremony.

Despite snow and cold weather, a group of local community healers, reiki drummers and close friends braved to bury small crystals at the site, which remain there today.

022313BlessingAs the group gathered around the fire JoAnn’s daughter, Karen Yates, shared the following blessing:

Universe we gather here today to bless and consecrate this sacred land. Let our energies, power and pure unconditional love flow into this land, so that those who come here can feel your magic. Let our music and singing bring forth our guides, our angels, the spirits of the trees and flowers, and the elements of the earth, air, fire and water. Feel the love and the joy from our hearts and let it expand to the whole universe and all who gather here today.

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The Bog Arrives: 5,000 Year-old Oak

It took months for the “bog oak” to arrive. No work could be done until it arrived. As the most important elements of the henge, it was well worth the wait. The Bog was generously donated by Stephen’s neighbor and fellow farmer. The wood is ancient, photo-4sacred and imbued with the history of earth, perfectly preserved – absent pollution and man’s mark. It was with honour that Stephen and Derek return it to soil – perfect for Moonhenge. The Bog Oak at Moonhenge have been preserved in nearby Fen wetlands for 4,000 – 5,000 years or more that’s older than Stonehenge!

It’s Built!: Reuniting Wood and Earth

After months of planning – it took only seven days to build the henge.Stephen, artist Derek, 5081666builder extraordinaire Michael Camp, and Brian Warne – Stephen’s cousinand current Moonhenge Logistics Manager – worked with a construction crew of volunteers (without whom the task would have been extremely difficult!) to build the henge so quickly, but despite the fast build it’s as sturdy as structure as they come.

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Dedication and Consecration Ceremony, Community & Remembrance:

About 200 people from all over the UK gathered under the August full moon to officially dedicate Moonhenge. Lead celebrant and Moonhenge Goddess, Delicia Kamins came from San Francisco, CAdk ceremony and joined fellow Moonhenge Goddesses, JoAnn Childsand co-celebrants Pagan Federation Prison Ministry Manager, Helene Mobius and White Witch Tansy Ravenwolf  consecrating the site in the name of the Sacred Feminine as embodied in the form of the Goddess common to all spiritual traditions.

Led by local Reiki Master Yasmin May, more than 25 Reiki drummers entered the circle followed Yasmine-&-KarenPig-DykePig Dyke Molly Dancers of Peterborough and invited guests. The ceremony began with the four celebrants invoking the elements and sacred spirits of the four directions to create a circle of sacred protection. Earth and ancestors were blessed with a sharing of bread and meade, followed by a special welcome and personal dedication by henge owner Stephen Parsley.  At the close of the celebration, the four winds were released, and everyone was invited to celebrate with Roast Pig by caterer DaVenda, dance performance by Pig Dyke Molly Dancers and local belly dancers, drummers, cello playing, and a roaring fire and general camaraderie and reverie. A brilliant and beautiful event!

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